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Planning your next vacation in Costa Rica? Let us help you to discover the jewel of Central America!
We can help you to plan your perfect vacation with a taste of the rainforests, monkeys, volcanoes, brightly plumed birds, and unforgettable people of Costa Rica.

Either if you are traveling solo, with your parter, a friend, a group of friends or your entire family we can custome tailor your vacation to fit with your likes and budget. |more info
For guided tours, Boyero Tours provides quality small group adventures with a personal touch that have up to a maximum of 10 people per tour. Our skilled local naturalist guides make our guided tours fun, informative and interactive. |more info

Boyero Tours takes you off the beaten track and allows you to discover the true Costa Rica.

In theory, ecotourism can be defined as a type of tourism where the environment, local communities and foreign visitors all benefit. In practice, the term ‘ecotourism' is often used by tour operators as a marketing tool to promote any form of tourism that is related to nature.
We take it as a personal challenge to facilitate the best and most meaningful vacations by practicing true ecotourism!
Someone once said: “You can only protect what you love and you only love what you know.  This is the higher calling that we have adopted with Boyero Tours - to help you reach out and touch the heart of Costa Rica. Through this experience we have the hunch that you too will learn to love it and desire to protect it. By supporting sustainable and ecological tourism, we can all help to protect the cultural and natural riches of this extraordinary country.
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