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Julio Barrantes

Julio Barrantes-Morales
Major in Tropical Biology, passionate backpacker and full time naturalist




Sarah Joy Staude
Major in Hispanic Studies, seasoned traveler and Latin American music and culture enthusiast


Sarah Joy Staude

Do you know what our name "Boyero" means?
Would you like to know the history behind this traditional Costa Rican word?

January 2006

Dear friends,
Let me tell you a little about me and my partner Sarah Joy Staude and how Boyero Tours was born to give you a better idea of who we are.  The business began in March of 2005, but the dream has been forged in our two minds for the past couple of years.

Our Mision:
Another of the characteristics that Sarah Joy & I share is the sense of responsibility to preserve the natural world that we love and admire so much. In our extensive travels as backpackers and on private tours we have learned to see the delicate line between truly socially and ecologically responsible travel and travel that has negative social and ecological impacts. Because of this, between our passion for travel, the fact that we love to help other people have authentic cultural experiences during their vacations and our environmental passion, the birth of Boyero Tours was simply inevitable.

Our Vision:
Theoretically, ecotourism can be defined as a type of tourism where the environment, local community and visitor all benefit. In practice, the term ‘ecotourism' is often used by tour operators as a marketing tool to promote any form of tourism that is related to nature. We take it as a personal challenge to facilitate the best and most meaningful vacations by practicing true ecotourism! We provide a personalized experience that creates unforgettable memories, while at the same time generating a change in the form of tourism; integrating the conservation of natural resources and helping small community organizations that have found an alternative to deforestation and illegal hunting in ecotourism.
We strive to have our tours be a laboratory of culture, history, and politics so that we share points of view, learn from the places we visit and from the wisdom of the local people. We try to keep away from overly touristic places where the activities are based more on making money from tourists than on sharing culture with visitors.

Boyero Tours origin:
One of the first characteristics that Sarah Joy and I found that we shared is the passion for discovering new destinations and meeting the people that live there..  Now as a couple we share the necessity of continuing to travel and explore as much as possible, experiencing the culture, food and daily life in each new place.   Our friends know us as true adventurers and consult us to help them plan both their local and international trips.  This is how we realized that we have the tools and the experience to be able to help many other people (our future friends!) have unforgettable travel experiences and at the same time learn from the places they visit.

Sarah Joy Staude:
I met Sarah Joy two years ago when we were both leading a group of 23 high school aged volunteers in various rural communities in Costa Rica for AFS Intercultural Programs.  Sarah Joy was born and raised in the northwest of the USA (Washington & Oregon) and her university program in Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies at Lewis and Clark College took her to various countries for foreign exchange. 

Julio Barrantes:
Regarding myself, I am a graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica in Tropical Biology.  Over the years I have worked in research and conservation, especially in the field of ecology.   As a student  I also had the opportunity to travel outside of Costa Rica with other universities.  I have always loved sharing the marvels of the natural world that I have discovered in my academic and touristic adventures with other people, and therefore I began little by little to work in ecotourism to help me with my studies.

Our personal travel experience:
Before Sarah Joy and I met, we both had dedicated a large part of our free time to traveling both within our respective countries as well as internationally.  Sarah Joy has traveled in Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Panama. Due to her major being Hispanic Studies, she naturally had the intellectual desire to have a greater understanding of the places she lived and visited and to have more interpersonal contact with the inhabitants of those regions.
For my part, I have always also had a great intellectual desire to discover all the incredible corners of my beloved Costa Rica. As a student of biology and later as a professional I had the wonderful opportunity to travel through the country in its entirety (although I must admit that it helps a lot that it is such as small country!)  Later I dedicated myself to exploring the Central American countries (Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) and on my trips to the United States I have reserved a good part of my time to visit the national parks and wild spaces.  In 2000 I had the opportunity to visit various destinations in the northeast and in 2005 in the northwest.

"To know is to love":
Someone once said: “You can only protect what you love and you only love what you know”.  This is the higher calling that we have adopted with Boyero Tours - to help you reach out and touch the heart of Costa Rica. Through this experience we have the hunch that you too will learn to love it and desire to protect it. By supporting sustainable and ecological tourism, we can all help to protect the cultural and natural riches of this extraordinary country.

Personalized tours & trip planning:
We have put together tour packages to show the most amazing sights in Costa Rica. We also know that people have a huge range of diverse interests, and because of this we have a diverse range of contacts so that we can tailor a trip just for you (see custom tours.) We tell our clients when we work on their personalized trips “ Just tell us what would you like to experience on your vacation and we'll take care of the rest!” For the more independent travelers we provide a wide variety of day trips, lodging reservation services, activity reservations, and transfers between locations to take the hassle out of your vacation!

I hope that this small taste of our personal history helps you to know us better. We look forward to help you with your vacation!

Hasta pronto,
Julio Barrantes-Morales

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